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Say it with Safari

Human introduction to wild animals and their habitat is mostly through books and stories in childhood. The stories weaved together showcases the jungle life and enhances the imagination in kids. Later, cartoons and short documentaries played an important role showing the larger perspective. However, the only place to watch them directly was zoos or national parks where they were in captivity. Parents taking children to zoos and explaining animal life were common during earlier generations. However, the engaging and marvellous experience that safaris was unmatched for. Most of the adventure enthusiasts, tourists, forest hikers and wildlife photographers will vouch for it.

The history of safaris can be dated back to early 1900s which was meant for travel and expedition. However, over the time it was used by royals and many other people for hunting and roaming in jungles. The history of jungle safari was traced in Africa where importance was giving to wild animals and their life. Slowly, other countries followed and jungle safaris became an exciting tourist attraction for watching wild animals. Most of the African safaris are popular. Safaris provides an account of jungle life in a nutshell. In India, there are several parks and sanctuaries that offer safari experience to its patrons.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Chandrapur is famous for tigers. The conservation of ‘Save Tiger’ has been rightly augmented at TATR. The experience of jungle safaris, the ecology and the beauty of natural resources have been well maintained by the authorities. The idea of watching a tiger, chital, leopard, deers and gaurs in their territory is truly mesmerising. Nowadays, when jungles have been encroached many times for construction, these sanctuaries come as a respite. Situated near the Navegaon gate of TATR, Jharana Jungle Lodge has been accentuating the beauty and development of TATR through its quality services of safaris and internal amenities. 


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