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Let us coexist!

How low can we fall as a human being and harm the innocent animals! The recent news of a pregnant elephant being fed pineapple filled with firecrackers has been criticized from all the sections of the society. The hatred for animals is not new, however the way things are going out of proportion at an alarming rate has been creating stir in the ecosystem. This should be stopped immediately and we need to understand that cohabiting is the important rule.

There is always a hue and cry over such incidents every time they take place. However, we need to amend our behaviour and actively support our ecology. Many animal friendly organisations have been working towards the bonding of animals and humans. They have been successful as well. When authorities are taking umpteen efforts to preserve our wildlife and nature, humans need to accept and embrace it. Government has started several parks and sanctuaries to augment our relationship in the form of nature trips and safaris. When at jungle safari or nature trails, we need to follow the rule of enjoying, relishing and surrendering to the beauty of nature. The nature calls you to spend some quite moments in its surroundings away from the busy city life and disturbing its serenity is not right.

The motive of loving animals and nature should be imparted to children in school making them part of their curriculum. While bringing them in bed time stories, children should also be taken to zoos to explain them about animals and its relationship with humans.

Today, we have a coincidence here as we are celebrating World Environment Day. In the wake of World Environment Day, we should take a pledge to conserve our trees and forests, a natural habitat for animals. Harming innocent animals is unethical thus disturbing the harmony of man and animal. 


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