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Hospitality on the higher side

Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the world and we can see many countries reeling under its shadow. Economies are getting affected and many industries have been suffering. However, we can think of this scenario as a pause and not as a full stop. Countries will bounce back and economies will also grow with positivity and hope for future. Hospitality industry depends more on tourism and travel industry which has been hampered by the pandemic. However, there is certainly a silver lining in the future for the industry.

In a recent webinar held on hospitality in Nagpur, experts believe that hotel industry is looking at sea change in the way it operates post lockdown. Although the current time is tough, both the overall economy and hospitality sector will bounce within a year, opined the experts. In last few decades, hospitality industry has experienced plethora of changes. The trends in terms of services and facilities have been overwhelming. Hotels have become more thoughtful about their customers and are taking their reviews into considerations. Although, the recent scenario has been affecting the growth curve, hotels have already been taking measures to combat the dreaded disease.

Most of the hotels have been following sanitisation methods when guests enter the hotel. Social distancing is maintained and insistence on hand wash is followed by everyone in the hotel. Jharana Jungle Lodge is one such hotel who is taking the COVID 19 precautionary measures seriously and implementing them in their hotel. Talking about the future, experts believe that economy should start picking in the month of November and hotels will see more business. Apart from sanitization practices, focus on robot cleaning machines, digital payments and self service among others can be few additions in the hotels for safety. The trajectory of growth post November month is optimistic for hotel industry.



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