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Lessons learnt with no regret

The year 2020 brought us a wave of fear, uncertainty and closure. As the world is reeling under the dreaded pandemic, we are watching our economies and lives going for a toss. Our daily routine has come to a standstill. Although we are taking necessary precautions from the safety of the virus, we have also learnt a few lessons with new experiences. Our faith on humanity, respect for each other, preserving our resources and environment has been restored. We are now more connected to each other while showing our unity and assistance towards overcoming the virus.

This lockdown, it has given us a chance to ponder. While we are in quarantine, we can see many animals roaming on empty roads and clear skies owing to less pollution of vehicles. This lockdown has made us realized the importance of outdoors which we easily take for granted and make them messy. We ensure that our homes are clean; but our surroundings are dirty. Although, in most of the places, efforts have been taken for cleanliness. This virus has made us self-dependent, live frugally, avoid wastage and think about tomorrow.

The green covers of India like jungles, gardens, parks and sanctuaries have been taking a break from the human beings as this is their chance to revive and settle down during the quarantine. We can say that their making themselves ready for their new innings after lockdown. Although jungle safaris are closed, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has started an online safari for the viewers and wildlife enthusiasts on their website. Situated at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Navegaon gate, Jharana Jungle Lodge is also awaiting to welcome its customers after the lockdown. This is surely a pause for the safari but not a full stop. 


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