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Are you looking for an exciting vacation for your family? If you are bored of exploring hill stations, beaches and popular tourist spots, hitchhike to a jungle. A growl of a wild animal in an open and people seating in a jeep is always thrilling. These animals in their area instead of cage or enclosures look royal and magnificent. They motivate tourists who immediately take their cameras and shoot the animals. You can book for the safaris in advance to avoid last minute hassles. You will rarely find a person who doesn’t like safaris. National Tiger Conservation Authority of India Government had identified 50 tiger reserves under ‘Project Tiger’ and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is one of them. 

Located in Maharashtra, TATR is one of the popular for tiger sightings. A rare black panther was spotted in 2018 that normally lives in evergreen forests. The endangered species of birds, reptiles and insects are found in Tadoba. TATR also boasts of key species like Bengal Tiger. Some of the famous tigers of TATR are Maya, Matkasur, Gabbar, Sonam, Bajrang and Choti Tara among others. The recent tiger sightings index of TATR is 62.98%. The park remains closed on Tuesday and the safaris are allowed from sunrise to sunset with a break between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The other fauna of TATR are Leopards, Sloth bears, Wild dogs, Deer, Sambar, Bison and Jackal among others. Apart from wildlife, the rich spots of Tadoba speak for themselves. Tadoba lake is one of major attractions in TATR as it has wildlife and birds around. What’s more, you may even spot a tiger in summer. Villages around Tadoba can provide for an experience of rural life.

This interesting park is eminent among wildlife photographers and can easily be reached by all modes of transport. The nearest airport for TATR is Nagpur and connects flights to big cities. The nearest railway station is Chandrapur Railway station located 45 km away. There are numerous buses and car services to connect TATR from all the surrounding cities. Tadoba provides an interesting turnaround for your trip plans with loved ones.


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