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Make your kids aware

It is said that childhood is the most innocent and sensitive stage of your life. Whatever you teach them at this stage is forever stored in their brain and they inculcate it in their behavior for a lifetime. Hence, it is necessary to nurture the right thoughts in their mind. Kids have always been fascinated with animals through stories. Their first meeting with wild animals is mostly associated with trips to zoos and national parks. While taking them to the national park, parents need to explain to them about wildlife and its rules. Apart from parents, even schools should teach wildlife conservation. 

One of the best ways to make them aware is through textbooks. You can use pictures, stickers, figures and diagrams to engage them. Show them interesting books on ecology, environment and forest life among others. Schools can also enact a drama, play or skit on jungle life and atmosphere. The idea is to create love and empathy towards them. They should be engaged in play activities regarding animals. 

Children should also know about the dangers of poaching, hunting and how they are wrong. Man-animal conflict of space where most of the times illegal encroachment takes place and how all this is wrong. Basically, children should be thought that humans and animals are born to co-exist where their space should be respected. Students should be taken to sanctuaries and safaris to make them understand more about animals and wildlife. 

Encourage them to increase our green cover by planting trees. Involve them in forest conservation activities. Make them aware of the Government initiatives and projects planned for animals. Once they understand that animals are to be loved and not hated, they will grow up to be a good and responsible individual. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the best places for watching tigers and indulging in forest life.


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