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Know about the ‘big cat’

The big cat ‘tiger’ calls in the wild create excitement, whispers, and large sounds when on a jungle safari. However, when the animal is seen, it’s very enthusiastic and photographs are clicked. An animal in the open is much more enthralling than in the zoo. When we enter their boundaries to watch them in the wild, we need to follow the rules of their area. We need to embrace their environment and spaces. The man-animal conflict that had started a few years ago, has slowly been controlled. Efforts are being taken to increase the green cover and preserve their spaces. 

Tiger is one of the graceful animals and second to the king of the jungle lion. Being a national animal of India, we need to understand a few facts about our national animal. The strong punch of a tiger can kill a human. Instead of messing unnecessarily, the human need to examine its beauty. While talking about its beauty, Royal Bengal Tigers are heavily built species where male tigers weigh around 300 kilograms. Most of the tigers can see through the dark and hence they catch their prey and tour their territory at night. 

Tigers are water-friendly and hence love to swim and play in water bodies. Although their life expectancy is around 20-25 years, half of the tiger cubs die immediately after birth due to cold and hunger. The reason is their blindness. They could not see things and have to follow their mother’s scent. A group of tigers is called ambush and they hunt by hiding in thick bushes. They hunt on all types of animals and do not normally attack humans for prey. They prefer loneliness and can imitate the calls of other animals. 

So, next time if you go to a jungle safari, you will find him more interesting after these facts.  


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