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Tigers on the verge of extinction due to predators?

Like a lion, a tiger is regarded as one of the most important animals in the forest. The tiger's rule is nothing less than a king of the jungle. Seeing the tiger's strength, his strong body, his timidity, his running speed, his stance, no one would consider him less than the king of the jungle. But today the same tiger is being hunted, and this is why the number of tigers is decreasing day by day.

Meanwhile, shocking information about the death of four tigers in the Mhadei Sanctuary in Goa has been spreading everywhere. Animal lovers appear to be dissatisfied with this information. The number of cats death along with tigers has also come forward. According to research by the Wildlife Protection Society of India, more than 100 tigers have died in the last year. Most of these tigers have died due to predators. Likewise, 491 leopards have been killed in various forests along with tigers. One must be surprised that the forest department is very active for tiger conservation and even more than  100 tigers have died.

Tiger organs are used in various occupations. Therefore, tigers are heavily hunted. Tiger’s teeth, skin are used in various occupations, so tigers are illegally hunted and their organs are smuggled. Apart from hunting, other causes of tiger death are conflicts, death caused by crossing the road and natural death, etc. The conflicts that are currently taking place among tigers in order to dominate the forests and establish limits are becoming life-threatening for them. The dispute over the extent of the cause of tiger deaths occurring every year in the state is a serious issue. Over the past five years, more than 75 tigers have died in a feud between each other. Each tiger creates its own territory where other tigers do not have access. As soon as one tries to infiltrate, a powerful tiger becomes the owner of that boundary. This is a natural activity, and in major tiger projects, it has been concluded that the tiger died from the conflict in the area.

Leaving the natural causes, the Forestry Department is desperately trying to conserve tigers and prevent tiger hunting. Various schemes are also being implemented for tiger conservation. So we can certainly hope that in the coming days' tiger hunting will be reduced.


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