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The Effect Of Temperature Change On Birds!

Global warming, pollution, and climatic changes are impacting the whole ecosystem. All of these do not affect only humankind, various wildlife including animals and birds are suffering due to these changes. In the meantime, new research has revealed an unusual case. These studies reveal that birds are the most affected by global warming and climate change. Due to these changes in the ecosystem, the birds have become smaller in size. Researchers have found that the size of these birds is getting smaller and the wingspan is becoming longer. This study was conducted primarily in the United States. But researchers claim that this global warming is hitting not just the United States but the whole world. Researchers also found that the size of birds in the tropics is smaller than that of cold birds. Now with the increase of temperature, the size of the birds in all the regions is getting smaller and this process is still going on.

Researchers primarily studied 3 species of birds. It had the highest number of twittering birds. These included sparrows, warblers and other birds. The height of birds was measured by collecting specimens of birds that had fallen short from being taller, their width records were kept under observation and compared. Then the researchers came to the conclusion that climate change is causing huge changes in birds. The birds are no longer the same as before. Their height has dropped.

The birds have changed a lot in the last 3 decades. This is due to the change in temperature which is adversely affecting the birds. Their wings became smaller and the wingspan increased, making them travel longer and taller. While accepting climate change, the bird’s legs and the wings are getting smaller. Birds are currently experiencing the effects of man-made obstacles and climate change. At the same time, due to these climate changes, the number of birds is also decreasing. Tadoba is home to many such species. Every year many birds of various kinds come to Tadoba for food and live in Tadoba.

Unfortunately, all we can do is care for them as no one can stop the rapid changes in the birds due to the changing ecosystem.


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