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Adore the Black-Capped Kingfisher at Tadoba!

We know that Tadoba is an ultimate hub to the rich biodiversity and provides a mesmerizing jungle experience to the visitors of TATR (Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve). Apart from a Jungle Safari, Tadoba National Park is gaining eyeballs due to a great migration of birds to this land of a balanced ecosystem. Earlier in June 2019, the famous Black-Capped Kingfisher was spotted in the jungle of Tadoba by visitors. Although, this little bird is a resident of India, witnessing her presence brought instant joy to nature enthusiasts and visitors. Mainly the bird is found in India (Andaman) Sri Lanka, Kansu, Shansi, Korea, Malay Peninsula, Thailand and many other countries rich in biodiversity. The Black-Capped Kingfisher is about 11 inches long. With blackhead, purple-blue wings, white neck collar, black & blue wings, this bird sighting is an alluring experience for birdwatchers. 

Have you tried Birdwatching?

Birdwatching is one of the fastest-growing wildlife observation activities that nature enthusiasts are adopting as a hobby. People are constantly researching and clicking aerial life avidly. Birding is a surreal experience for everyone. You know, when you go for birdwatching, choosing morning time is the best to spot the aerial life in their natural habitat. Birdwatching is a synonym of morning walk, literally. It is getting popular because of its health benefits. This hobby cannot be pursued sitting on a comfortable couch, you need to step out, walk, walk and walk to satisfy your inner bird-lover and treat your eyes with a majestic sight of various colourful birds flying or sitting on nature’s lap. That’s where you are coming to a step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Your body and soul feel the calmness around woods. Improvement in concentration is another benefit. 

If you are not sure how to kickstart BirdWatching then plan a trip soon to Tadoba and learn the art from our Nature experts and know more about aerial life from ornithologists here. A new year is a good time to gift yourself a new hobby. At Jharana Jungle Lodge,  we arrange birdwatching, Jungle safari, Nature Walk, etc activities for our guests. Get in touch with us for a blissful, luxurious stay and leave your adventure arrangements on us. Happy Birdwatching to you!


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