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Rising Hygiene Concerns At TATR!

Being situated in the vicinity of Tadoba Andhari National Park, it’s our pleasure at Jharana Jungle Lodge to serve the best of Hospitality services to the visitor of the wildlife sanctuary. Since TATR is one of the best places to experience the flora and fauna in India, the expectations of people visiting this piece of heaven are high and why not? Everyone deserves to have a good experience when they invest time, money and put in efforts to experience the thrill amid the jungle. Nowadays, we are getting many reviews about the TATR Tourist experience. One thing that almost every visitor highlight is the poor sanitation facility. The direct comparison is done with the hygiene and sanitation facilities at national Parks such as Pench National Park, Jim Corbett National Park and more famous refugees of wildlife. 

The center point of TATR, Khatoda, reportedly has the most pathetic hygiene and sanitation facility. Visitors often complain that the authorities of Tadoba are neglecting the basic needs of the jungle for humans. One of the visitors said that the Pench National Park’s center point washrooms are cleaner than malls. They have attendants who constantly take care of the washroom’s cleaning, wipe floors with good disinfectants, have toilet paper, tissue papers in place whereas, in Khatoda, you cannot visit the washroom without holding your breath. TATR does not have a good sanitation facility for anyone, may it be ladies, children, senior citizens or differently-abled. 

Well, this scenario explained by visitors truly put us in concern about the future of TATR as a popular site for Tiger Safari, Wildlife, and Flora. Jharana Jungle Lodge close to Navegaon Gate is always concerned for your safety and comfort. We would try our best to restore the deteriorating sanitation conditions in Tadoba and highlight the problems our visitors are facing here. Till the things work out and authorities take the matter into consideration, we would request visitors to kindly cooperate for the jungle safari part, for the rest of your comfort and thrill, we are here for you!


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