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Featuring: Star Tigers of Tadoba!

As we entered the month of November, the days of the best jungle safari experience at Tadoba Andhari National Park have arrived. The winter season lets the nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers see a mesmerizing sight and thrilling insight into the flora and fauna. During early winters, the Tadoba national park is slightly cold. You can expect mild fog and mist near lakes. This is the time when visitors witness the fierce tigers roaming around the most. According to Wildlife experts, Tigers love to roam around cold fields in the early morning. It is essentially their preferred time of the day when they patrol the dense forest area. So, it is the right time to visit Chandrapur.

Before you hop into the Safari Jeep, let’s know about the famous tigers, the heart of Jungle Safari at Tadoba!

  1. Maya ( Tigress) - Maya is the real star of Tadoba Jungle Safari. She is a tigress who rules the jungle with her charm and her aura is something every wildlife enthusiast wants to witness. Despite being always in danger of attack by male tigers and other animals, Maya is an epitome of strength for her fellow tigresses and cubs. She ensures all the cubs remain protected in the jungle. When in Tadoba, you cannot miss to see her!

  1. Waghdoh (Tiger)- The famous Waghdoh is India’s largest tiger and Tadoba’s Jungle Safari lets you witness his grandeur. This tiger is known as the King of Tadoba and according to Naturaists, he keeps a darbar kind of setup for animals in the Jungle once in a week. If you are lucky enough, you will see a jungle meeting too! Well, a nostalgia scene hitting from the Lion King? 

  1. Matkasur (Tiger) - The 8 years old Matkasur is one the most active and dominant tiger of Tadoba. With records of fights and hunting, Matkasur is indeed a fierce, strong tiger who is worth watching. He is often seen walking in the Jamun water and Khutwanda area of Tadoba

  1. Sonam Tigress -  The star of Tadoba, Maya Tigress has Sonam’s back. She is an active protector of tiger cubs and she rules the Telia Dam. Interestingly, Sonam has an “S” mark on her right cheek and the lady is everyone’s favorite. She gave birth to 3 cubs and her area has plenty of food and water. We hope to see her and cubs nourished forever.

Well, these are just a few tigers mentioned in the big tiger reserve. You can have a chance to witness Bajrangi (Tiger), Choti Tara (Tigress), Sitara (Tigress), Shivaji (Tiger), Botezari (Tigress), Rantalodhi (Tiger) and many more. Visit Tadoba Andhari National Park this winter and enjoy the royal jungle safari. At Jharana Jungle Lodge, we take care of your stay, comfort, and thrill. Equipped with the most exclusive amenities, this place is a perfect example of luxury in the woods. Book you stay and Jungle Safari with us to enjoy wildlife to the most.


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