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Jharana Jungle Lodge - A great place to stay in Tadoba!

Tadoba National Park is one of the most loved and favorite places of all national parks. The Tadoba Andhari tiger project is one of the oldest Tiger conservation projects. Tadoba Sanctuary is rich in diverse natural flora and fauna. Along with these tigers, you can find animals such as cats, Black Panther, leopards, sambar, ranchers, chinkaras, blackwood, rabbits, rangers, and so on. There are wetlands in Tadoba Sanctuary. It is a wonderful pleasure to experience life arranged in the vicinity of the water. Walking through the jungles of Tadoba, your eyes constantly search for movement in the water body. If you get to see Wagoba while enjoying the beauty, his standing tall body on limbs and roar says a lot about the Jungle’s glory.


The forest at Tadoba is predominantly dry. It is covered by a South tropical deciduous forest. It is a region rich in teak and bamboo trees. Apart from this, various tree species can be found here: Arjun, Rada, Kai, Tendu, Moh, Kumbha, Pallas, Bahava, Rohin, Kusum, Behada, Avala, Jambul, Mango, Ukshi and more. Nature is the biggest school for us, there is so much we can learn. If this nature survives, then we too will survive. Therefore, one must be careful that none of our actions harms nature. Everyone needs to be careful before going into the forest to give this rich heritage to the next generation. By doing so, we can also enjoy the natural state of wildlife in the forest. If you take both the patience and the discipline together and take a quiet trip to Tadoba, wildlife is always visible to you.

Along with all this, the Tadoba Sanctuary also offers tourist accommodation, so it is possible to enjoy the pleasure of living close to the city. In this area, there is a very nice resort called 'Jharana Jungle Lodge' which is located near Tadoba Navegaon Gate. Along with the great convenience of living in this lodge, you will find many adventure activities like jungle safari packages, cycling, bird watching along with experts, bonfires, village tours and more. 

Few nature lovers planned their stay in Jharana Jungle Lodge and shared their living experience, Let's see what they said … https://youtu.be/PUTE4PaKNT4

So how did the guest experience of our Jharana jungle lodge feel? If you ask them, you will surely know that living here means experiencing a luxury stay and jungle. Don't think anymore, pre-book the Jungle Safari package and stay in the Jharana Jungle Lodge today to enjoy nature and wildlife with full hospitality in the middle of the dense forest.


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