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Are you ready for October Jungle Safari?

Monsoon season is on the verge of ending for this year. It’s another wait for months till we welcome the showery blessings from the sky again. The monsoon is indeed a blessing for Tadoba and the natural habitat living in the jungle. After receiving a good amount of rainfall this year, the area is covered by layers of lush green leaves, trees, shrubs, and bamboos and this has made Tadoba Andhari National Park a complete nature’s paradise. 

The list of reasons that make Tadoba worth a visit are not less. Tadoba is a place where nature and wildlife nurture each other with the best. Just after the monsoon season, the Tadoba Lake, Kolsa Lake, and Tadoba River get filled with water that helps the habitat of jungle survive till the summer strikes in. 

One of the exciting advantages of visiting Tadoba includes the opportunity to see the Bengal Tigers in their fierce and wild avatar. 

Ideally, Winter is a good time to visit Tadoba National Park and Bird Sanctuary. As October is around the corner, the royal jungle safari is all set to treat the nature lovers with magnificent wildlife sightseeing opportunity. The weather remains balanced with temperature ranges between 24-30 degrees celsius. Since October arrives just after the monsoon, the jungle looks no less than a divine beauty. You can have a sight of Bengal Tigers, Indian bison, leopards, barking deer, sambar deer and more roaming around your jeep or busy with their peers. 

For birdwatchers, October offers a visual treat where birds enjoy the clear sky once again. You have a good chance to spot bulbuls, hawk eagles, flycatchers, blue flycatchers, warblers, Indian pittas and more. Even many birds species migrate in this season and hence it is once in a year opportunity for Birdwatchers and photography lovers. 

Jharana Jungle Lodge invites you to enjoy the tranquillity of this wonderful nature’s paradise. We make sure you stay in the midst of comfort and nature with us. Book your stay and jungle safari now and witness the ultimate wilderness while you enjoy the luxury in woods.


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