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International Tiger Day. Leave me alone. Save the Tiger.

WHO AM I The letters in my name tell you I have a tale to tell, and yes I have a Tail! The second letter in my name tells you I live in India The third letter in my name tells you I am Gentle with those who let me roam free The fourth letter tells you I am Endangered The final letter in my names tells you I need Respect There is Trouble always waiting for me Many people want to cause me Injury I am of a Gentle giant Every day I see even fewer like me I know my Reality My Time is passing by I know the Inevitable I need no Glory I have an Enormous battle before me I will not Relent DO YOU KNOW MY NAME? My name is TIGER and I am in need of your help and understanding. T there are only 2226 tigers left in the world. I live in India, which is growing fast and my jungle is shrinking.

I am grand in stature and guard only what is my home, the jungle E I am endangered for people want my jungle and my beautiful fur. R I want to live with respect and not in fear Teach the world how to help me Intelligence and sharing are the key Guide them carefully Enable me to be me Rescue me so those in the future may see Please help save TIGER and his kind. We can live in harmony if only humans will understand that we BOTH need to be free. Happy International Tiger Day to all.


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